Coachella 2012 Rumored Add-Ons

So the Coachella 2012 Lineup has been officially announced and is now sold out... So what better way to conjure up some propaganda than take to the rumorville as to who Coachella has been hiding up their sleeve. They might not have any add-ons this year (more like they don't need any add-ons since it's sold out). However, keep in mind that previous last minute additions were Daft Punk, Prince, Madonna, The Chemical Brothers, M.I.A., and much more. So who do you think will be added to the 2012 Coachella lineup if they do at all?

Little Dragon

The Coachella weekends are still open.

Friendly Fires

Playing in Brazil on April 7th with Arctic Monkeys and Calvin Harris (both of who is going to be at Coachella). They have no other April dates.

Only April date is on the 7th so far in Brazil with Friendly Fires, Arctic Monkeys and Calvin Harris.

James Blake

April is wide open so far.

The Knife
Supposedly have an album on the way in 2012. Great way to kick off touring.

Knife Party
Opening during Coachella weekends so far, and it seems like a group Coachella would get.

Pretty Lights

Coachella dates are open.

Penguin Prison
In Oakland on the 12th. Next tour date is set for the 24th in New York.

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Frash said...

Penguin Prison. Mark it.