7 Best Albums of 2011

2011 was a great year for music: big name artists with highly anticipated albums released. However, most of them (who'll remain unmentioned) disappointed. To me 2011, was the rise of the unexpected, from the old to the new. There were a lot of great songs from many different albums. However, there were only a few albums worth listening all the way through.

Here is the list of my favorite albums from 2011. Or the albums of 2011 that involved the least amount of song skipping. Here's hoping 2012 will be just as good and surprising.

7) Nu:Tone - Words and Pictures
Probably the most consistent album on this list, where every song is good. Perfect album to have on in the background while working or cleaning. It's fun, smooth and chill all at the same time.

6) Britney Spears - Femme Fatale
Why, you ask? You know what, it's very well produced. And it's fun, without it being annoying and trite like other Pop music albums. It is perfect Dance music for Pop music lovers.

5) Kaskade - Fire and Ice
Spanning over two discs, Fire and Ice is a complete and great effort by Kaskade. There's no wonder why he is one of Today's hottest DJ's across the globe.

4) M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
Yes, two discs is a bit long for M83 music, but their music is still great and dreamy. A great follow up to their last album.

3) Nero - Welcome Reality
One of my surprise favorites of the year. Just plain awesome energy from these guys. Dubstep is cool.

2) Cut Copy - Zonoscope
Okay so many of you were disappointed in this new direction for Cut Copy. I was too... at first. However, I listened to this album again, and again, and again... and I kept on listening to it.

1) Foster the People - Torches
When I heard this album back in the beginning of 2011 I had a feeling this would be the best of the year. Torches played in my car more times than any other album, that is until the radio decided to kill it.

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