10 Biggest DJs of 2011

Well, 2011 is coming to a close and why not run down a list of the DJ's that made the most noise. For most of you this list will be of no surprise... but I decided to compile this list any way. So without further hesitation, the biggest DJs of 2011 are:

10) Armin van Buuren
With Trance music taking a hit from the more popular genre's in Dance music this year, Armin manages to stay on top by selling out his huge Mirage tour.

9) Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris had an exceptional year, from his collaboration with Kelis on Bounce, his huge dance hit Feel So Close, and the indie song he did with some artist named Rihanna... What was the name of that song? Oh yeah, We Found Love. Even Chris Brown took the hook off of I'm Not Alone for Yeah 3x.

8) Avicii
The whole controversy over Leona Lewis' Collide containing Avicii's sample made him even more popular. But it was the epic song Levels and the subsequent verse in the Flo Rida song, Good Feeling, that pushed his DJ status to another level (wink).

7) Tiƫsto
Once the biggest DJ in the world and showing signs for a slight genre change, his audience isn't backing down at all. His college invasion tour was a huge success, even selling out stadiums in America.

6) Kaskade
His many followers showed up after his impromptu block party outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood causing a small riot and making headlines. His Fire & Ice album is hot and doing really well. Kaskade is on top now.

5) Deadmau5
He has an awesome marketing ploy, he's created an icon in which entrances many followers to his domain... and his shows are consistently upping the ante.

4) Afrojack
Earlier this year I couldn't really tell you who Afrojack was, but when his song Give Me Everything with Neyo and Pitbull blew up the radio, and his other song Take Over Control blew up the dance floor... and seeing Paul McCartney onstage with him at Coachella, there's no wonder why this guy had a huge 2011.

3) Swedish House Mafia
Teaming the big three DJs together, well that's destined for something big. And 2011 was big for the Swedish House Mafia. After Save The World, they managed to sell out the Madison Square Garden in 10 minutes.

2) Skrillex
I don't think this list can be compiled without a mention of Skrillex. His fanbase totally exploded this year. All the cool kids, jocks and nerds, had something in common.

1) David Guetta
Of course he's number one. Guetta had like a ba-jillion hits on the radio, even released a cooler disc 2 album for his more underground Dance music fans... And he's almost the sole reason why Dance music is so damn popular right now.

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