10 Best Music Videos of 2011: 10 - 6

So, I've watched a ton of music videos lately (everything from the Gaga's to the Britneys to the Black Keys to the Duck Sauce's to bands I've never heard of... I could go on but you get the idea) in order to compile this list of great music videos of 2011. I probably missed a few of them, but here are my top 10 music videos of 2011.

10) Lorenz Rhode - Telephone Helicopter Applause Gunshot
Simple concept, but hypnotically amazing result. They also have an app that goes along with this music video.

9) Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox)

I couldn't imagine a music video that would encompass the raw haunting energy of Skrillex's cut up riffs and basslines until I saw this video. It's dark, haunting, a place not usually explored by music videos, but in the end it's satisfying.

8) M83 - Midnight City
I like this video and song... It's like the Children of the Corn meets the special kids from The Matrix. Feels like I just watched a promo for a soon to be movie.

7) Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party - Antidote (Explicit)
Here's another dark video for yah... It's actually pretty damn edgy and does contain graphic violence and nudity (you'll know from the opening shot)... so

caution: kids shouldn't watch this video.

feels like a movie and also reminds me of Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up to some extent.

6) Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

The first Beastie Boys music video in some time and they come out with a boat load of celebrity cameo's which keep you interested to the very end, even though it just takes place on one street (on the Universal lot perhaps?).

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