Why Was Monster Massive 2011 Cancelled?

There's been speculation that Go Ventures, the people behind the famed event, now in it's 14th year, were unable to secure a venue. Monster Massive usually takes place at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, but USC has a football game at the Coliseum (and well nobody's gonna kick USC out of their own home. So Go Ventures opted for a Oak Canyon Ranch in east Orange County, where a number of other music festivals have taken place. However, according to James Events, the Oak Canyon Ranch events planner:
MONSTER MASSIVE IS NOT TAKING PLACE AT THE OAK CANYON FACILITY IN ORANGE and all guests will be turned away at the gate.

James Event Productions Inc. has not entered nor will be entering into an agreement with Go Ventures, Inc. for this event.
So according to the folks at Oak Canyon ranch, Go Ventures never secured an agreement with them, while all the time leading festival-goers to believe that it was indeed taking place there. Anyways, the OC Weekly has an indepth article about this clusterf*ck including an interview with a former Go Venture's employee (who may be disgruntled and lashing out, according to some of the comments). Nonetheless, it exposes much more, even saying that Monster Massive was also supposed to take place at other places including the Port of Los Angeles. Read it. It's interesting and it gets worse, but it's up to you what to believe. I'm pretty sure there is a big investigation into Go Ventures right now. All I know, is that this is my first time hearing Monster Massive being canceled when it has been going strong over 14 years.

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