DJ Mix Review: Tiësto - Club Life Volume 1 Las Vegas

Tiësto - Club Life Volume 1 Las Vegas

Style: Progressive House, Trance
Pros: Actually pretty fun to listen to.
Cons: I'm not the biggest Trance fan anymore.
Overview: So, I've been out of the Tiesto loop for quite some time now and I was expecting the same '0le Trance set up I've previously heard from him. However, I guess he's changing things up a little and moving toward a more Progressive sound... which is probably why I enjoyed most of this mix. There are still heavy Trance oriented songs here (for those of you still wanting Trance). I enjoyed this mix and will definitely put it in my workout routine.
Top Songs: Lune - Girls With Bangs (Tiesto Remix); Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets; Kaskade - Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan & Shepard Remix)
3.5 out of 5 vinyls

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