Album Review: Digitalism - I Love You, Dude

Digitalism - I Love You, Dude

Style: Electro Synth House Rock
Pros: Some good tracks
Cons: It's tough to follow their awesome debut album Idealism.
Overview: I was skeptical about purchasing Digitalism's I Love You, Dude album because when it came out, very little noise was made about it. I don't think it is doing very well. However, I finally did take a listen and liked what I heard, for the most part. Like I said previously, it is hard to follow their debut album Idealism, which contained big songs like Jupiter Room, Zdarlight and Pogo. That's not saying that some tracks off of I Love You, Dude wont reach that status. However, it does have a tough hurdle to get over. I do like this album and would have given it a better rating, but there were a few songs that I give the skip over... and some of my favorite songs on here end with a lame fading out, like it was a radio friendly edit of the song (I can't be the only one that this bugs).
Tops Songs: 2 Hearts; Circles; Harrison Fjord
3 out of 5

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