Riot Outside of Electric Daisy Carnival Experience Premiere

Yes, a riot outside Mann's Chinese theater at the premiere of the movie Electric Daisy Carnival Experience.

What the hell people?

There was a block party thrown before the scheduled premiere, featuring Kaskade as the DJ. However, things got quickly out of hand as hundreds of people filled the streets, thus freaking LAPD out. Things then got more out of hand when the police ordered the people to disperse, but many people refused to leave and fights broke out and a riot ensued.

This is another blow for electronic music in Los Angeles, as controversy still brews over last year's Electric Daisy Carnival at the Los Angeles Coliseum, in which a teenage girl died after attending. Promoter Insomniac has since moved that event to Las Vegas, where it went off with out a hitch. Seriously, why can't the Los Angeles crowd get it together? This just make it a very easy target for politicians and the media to burn electronic dance music.

more news on KTLA.

Update: Kaskade has said that he did have a permit.

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