Avicii vs Leona Lewis

The Blogosphere and the Twittersphere universe is heating up over the controversy with Leona Lewis new single, Collide, which hit British airwaves last week. The claim is that Collide steals the melody from Avicii's famous dance track, Penguin. Now (just so you know), Avicii isn't the original creator of that melody either, as it is from the 1980s song Perpetuum Mobile, by the band Penguin Cafe Orchestra, which he got permission. Avicii claims that SyCo (The Simon Cowell based record label that signed Leona Lewis) reached out to him for permission to use Penguin for a song on Lewis' new album. However, Avicii turned down this offer.

When Collide, did hit airwaves last week... Avicii Tweetted:
"The first time I heard . . . 'Collide' was today. I didn't produce it and neither me or my manager could approve it. To be clear I'm not taking credit for the melody . . . I'm just upset for someone taking credit of our idea before I had a chance to release it."
However, SyCo claims that they got permission from the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and they just recreated the melody themselves... Avicii does have a writing credit on the Leona Lewis song. A source from Simon Cowell's and Leona Lewis' camp, states that "Neither Simon nor Leona were party to contract negotiations of the song."

What do you think? Is this another blatantly obvious rip or just a coincidence that it sounds eerily similar?

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When played at the same time they sound awesome.