Will Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Be a Success?

Will Insomniac's forceable decision to move their now 3-day Electric Daisy Carnival out of the Los Angeles area to Las Vegas be a success?

In Los Angeles, it's understandable because there are a ton of people, easy enough to top 2010's 100,000 plus crowd at the Coliseum. You might say that Las Vegas has been gaining a lot of ground in electronic music as of late, as a lot of name talent are headlining the clubs... which precludes to a very successful EDC...

However, remember Vegoose, a few years ago? That had some pretty epic names over the few years they've held it (Rage Against the Machine, Daft Punk, The Killers, and many more). Billed as the next Coachella in the West (yes, put on by the Bonnarroo organizers). That all ended in 2007 and hasn't been revived since.

You can also say that most of 2010's Electric Daisy Carnival attendees drove an average of about 40 minutes to get to the event... but for Las Vegas, I'm betting a good chunk of attendees will be driving from Southern California, and have to book a hotel, instead of just heading back home after the event, like most did in 2010.

Insomniac faces an uphill battle as the June 24th weekend nears with headlining talent Tiesto, David Guetta and The Swedish House Mafia. But in any positive case, it seems that people are more likely to spend money for festivals this year, in spite of the stagnant economy, as witnessed by the quick sell out of Coachella.

What do you think? Are you headed to Electric Daisy Carnival?

Electric Daisy Carnival Website.

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