Album Review: Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Style: Madonna, Cheesy 80's music.
Pros: Pretty good production on most of the songs, fun.
Cons: Contains very cheesy elements and riffs.
Overview: Even though Lady Gaga really isn't my bag of tea, I found Born This Way (for the most part) a fun and ridiculous album. Ridiculous, because despite it's serious intentions, the overtly 80's guitar riffs and saxophone solos remind me of something out of an Andy Samberg video. I did not hate this album, I just thought it was okay. The production value is good, but no song really stands out above the rest. With that said, I probably wouldn't mind listening to this album rather than her others. And if you are a Gaga fan, I'm pretty sure you'll like Born This Way because it speaks volumes to her fans.
Top Songs: Marry the Night: Black Jesus; Heavy Metal Lover
3 out of 5

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