Insomniac Events Banning LED Lights at Their Events?

Yes, it is true... Gone are the days of personal light shows at Insomniac Events electronic music festivals... or what the media calls raves. In a push to make their events safer, due to political propaganda since the death of a 15 year old girl who attended last year's Electric Daisy Carnival, the California based events promoter Insomniac Events, has decided to ban LED microlights and LED gloves...
“We have spent considerable time and efforts in Insomniac meetings discussing the pros and cons of attendees giving LED light shows at Insomniac events. Although there are many who use these lights as an art form, the image that it creates when groups of music fans are sitting or lying on the floor gazing at the designs reflects poorly and sends a false message of what the electronic dance music scene is about. This image jeopardizes our ability to produce events, which we love and plan on doing for decades to come. In addition, concerns have been raised about attendees sitting on designated dance floor areas and in walkways.”
This ban goes into effect at Insomniac's next party on March 19th, at Beyond Wonderland. Well, in a way it might be good, since the people who attend these parties will be there more so for the music than getting into a visual heaven. And if you dislike Insomniac for banning LEDs... just know that they might be one of the last promoters still fighting to have these parties in Southern California. It's the next step they can do to make the politicians the least bit happier even though these politicians have painted raves into a very bad light and that's all the media will ever talk about.

Hey, at least Insomniac hasn't banned glow sticks, yet.

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