12 Best Dance Songs of 2010

12 Best Dance Songs of 2010

Deadmau5? Daft Punk? The Chemical Brothers? Underworld? Kaskade? Have they made this list?

I've seen other top 10 or top 20 dance lists on the web, however most of them are safe and boring. So why not create a year end list of the dance songs that I actually liked.

Making a list of the top 20 electronic dance songs of the year is hard, making a list of the top 12 dance songs of the year is even harder. I initially wanted a top 10, but it was hard to squeeze out a couple. Ideally I would do a top 50 songs of the year because the top 20 songs are all interchangeable. Anyways, not to mumbo on, so...

Here are the 12 Best Dance Songs of 2010:

12) Pendulum - The Island
A nice transition from the harder edge Drum and Bass rock style that we're used to, to a more House-like tune... Part 2 even goes into a nice Dubstep version.
Purchase: The Island

11) Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix)
Some of you prefer the Axwell and Henrik B remode... but I like this one.
Purchase: Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix)

10) Style of Eye and Magnus the Magnus - Anitdote
Dark, Techno, weird, and a crazy huge drop makes for a great song. Probably my oddest pick on this list.
Purchase: Antidote

9) Danny Byrd feat. Netsky - Tonight
A great, epic Drum and Bass song to blast when you are on your way out to the clubs or just cruising the night.
Purchase: Tonight

8) Pendulum - Watercolour
The lead song of their newest album, Immersion, is a great epic Pendulum song in all its glory.
Purchase: Watercolour

7) Mark Knight - Devil Walking
Mark Knight had a busy year... This is a great House song that came out during the summer and became a huge hit in the club scene.
Purchase: Devil Walking (Original Club Mix)

6) Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica
Wolfgang Gartner's popularity rose in 2010 and this Electro House song is one of the reasons why.
Purchase: Illmerica

5) Underworld - Always Loved a Film
Underworld released a great new album with a new direction. Seems like they've been away for some time, Always Loved a Film, co-produced by Mark Knight and D. Ramirez helped put them back on the map.
Purchase: Always Loved A Film

4) Groove Armada - Paper Romance
Another old-school dance group who managed to change their style a little bit with in their new album. Paper Romance is a great example off that album.
Purchase: Paper Romance EP Part 1

3) Magnetic Man - I Need Air
With the rise of Dubstep over the past year, there needs to be an anthem... and Magnetic Man delivers.
2) Swedish House Mafia - One
What says anthem but this song? The Swedish House Mafia's first song as a group and they turn in this massive crowd filler.
Purchase: One (Your Name)

1) Underworld - Scribble
When I learned that Underworld was working with High Contrast on this track, I immediately had my ears open and ready to be blown. Yes, indeed.
Purchase: Scribble

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