Coachella 2010 Rumored Add-ons

Well, the line up is officially here, and now the speculation begins as to who, if any, Goldenvoice is going to add to the Coachella line up (there's those damn question marks following Thom Yorke's name, and I don't think there's a band that's named ????). In years previous, we've seen late headlining additions such as Prince, Madonna, and even your favorite, Kanye West. I, for one, feel that there really isn't a need for bigger acts this year. The line-up looks pretty solid. However, I do think that Goldenvoice always has something up their sleeve and will definitely add smaller acts.

Although, most people in America would only recognize Jay-Z from the line-up, maybe recognize Muse, and would definitely have no idea who or what is the Gorillaz. But screw those people, this isn't a festival for them anyway... right.

Now back to those smaller acts... Last year alone, The Chemical Brothers, The Orb, Etienne De Crecy, Devendra Banhart, Murder City Devils, Plump Djs, and M.I.A. (well mainly to replace that Winehouse lady), were added to the line-up late into the season.

So with that in mind, here are the current crop of rumor related additions to Coachella 2010. This will be updated as time goes on, so check back every now an again.

Rumor Control:

Rolling Stones - Yes, they aren't small. In fact they would probably sell out Coachella instantly. However, there is a big rumor about this, that I think will just remain a rumor. But you never know.
Radiohead - there are ???? after Thom Yorke's name, maybe the who band may join him.
Thom Yorke's Band - The ???? could mean his newly formed band with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
BT - has a new album coming out... and preparing for a new tour. Also did a couple of songs with Tiesto (and he is playing).
Daft Punk - Goldenvoice loves them and Daft Punk is planning a Tron Legacy tour. However, Tron Legacy doesn't come out to December.
Royksopp - A couple of acts that are vocalists on some of their songs (Fever Ray and Whitest Boy Alive) are already playing.
Massive Attack - Seems fitting for this line up. However, they just came through here last September, and headed to Los Angeles in May... so probably not.
Conan O'Brien - Well, since he's not doing anything. And especially since he showed his mad guitar playing skills on his last episode. Coachella also welcomed the Comedians of Comedy a few years ago (so having comedians at Coachella isn't exactly out of question).

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