Movie Review: Justice: A Cross the Universe

Justice is the hottest new band to come out of the French scene. The band that ignited the resurgence of the French techno sound that was made famous by another French duo, Daft Punk. In their documentary, Justice: A Cross the Universe, it examines the chaos and the insanity that ensues while going on tour with the band of the moment.
My problem with this film is that it is just that, the life on tour with the band; sex, drugs, chaos and random moments. There isn't a real story and the editing is all over the place, cutting together scenes that don't really have a connection with each other. But I guess, maybe that was the idea. It would have been more interesting to get a little history on the duo, and inside look into their minds and creation of music, and especially their adaptation of the cross as their symbol. None of that is really answered.
On the plus side, the movie is short, running in at about an hour, and thus, probably wasn't made for theaters. And because of the quick editing, it paces pretty well. However, I was still wanting more, especially some kind of developing story that extends beyond the surface. Oh yeah, and it ends on a cliffhanger. Great... I'll just have to go research what happens.
2.5 out of 5

Running time: 64 minutes
Available as a DVD/CD

Trailer (Warning Contains Adult Content)

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