Movie Review: Eagle Eye

Fast rising star, Shia Lebeouf is back with director D.J. Caruso (Disturbia), in a film about Big Brother-type government conspiracy. Eagle Eye is a great concept of a film that remains intense throughout its entirety. It is based around the idea of the Patriot Act being taken to an extreme, in which the government taps into every cellphone, video camera and computer to watch our every move.
Shia Lebeouf does well in this film, as he does his others, playing a character that Big Brother or some government shadow is chasing down because they think he is a terrorist. Who is helping him? You might ask. That is the mysterious question that sets in motion the entire film.
Eagle Eye is a very likable film. I did like how it began and it makes for a very believable premise. However, as the film goes on, the action needle bends towards the ridiculus and makes you wonder if Eagle Eye even needs its main characters (Shia Lebeouf and Michelle Monaghan) because of its supreme power to do just about anything. Anyways, I did like the movie and if you suspend your belief a little (well, maybe a lot) then you might also enjoy this film.
3.5 out of 5

Running time 118 min
Budget $80,000,000
US Gross: $101,440,743
International Gross: $76,420,593
Total Gross: $177,861,336

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