Movie Review: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The third installment of the Mummy franchise relocates from the deserts of Egypt to the deserts of the Far East. And this time, Brendan Fraser and company, battles the mummy of Jet Li.
Now first off, I did like the first Mummy in this franchise; it was a formulaic, but still a fun action-adventure movie. And I didn't care for the second one, at all. So, when I heard that director Stephen Summers dropped out of the third and Rob Cohen stepped in, I wasn't really sure how I felt. Now, after watching the film I must say that it is better then the second one, but not as good as the first. The plot is ridiculous with an overload of visual effects, which I didn't mind too much. But what really bugged me and what took me out of the movie was the lead characters. Yes, the O'Connells. Every dramatic scene that intertwined between them, slowed the movie down. It's like they had the visual effects scenes penned out first, and forced this O'Connell plot to fit in there somewhere. One thing that I couldn't buy, was Rick O'Connell's son(Luke Ford). He looked like he was in his twenties, and Brendan Fraser doesn't really look that old to be his father. And secondly, with the addition of Maria Bello, to play Evelyn (who was previously played by Rachel Weisz), it felt like a very different Evelyn from the films previous; the chemistry with Brendan Fraser wasn't really there.
So overall, this third installment of the Mummy, has some good, big ideas, but ultimately falls a bit short and is plodded with a weak plot.
2.5 out of 5

Running time: 114 minutes
Budget: $145 million
US Gross: $102,491,776
International Gross: $290,594,201
Total Gross: $393,085,977

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