Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

In this 2008 reboot of the Incredible Hulk, not a sequel to the 2003 version, it paces quick and bold with big action set pieces. Unlike the Ang Lee's version, this one extrapolates a different but similar back story all in it's opening credits. I actually did like Ang Lee's Hulk, but I did think it was long in parts and the ending was kind of anti-climatic. This version feels like a different film, which is good. However, what this lacks, that Ang Lee's doesn't, is the depth and conflict of character within the lead, Bruce Banner (played by Edward Norton, who is more than capable of delivering a great performance). And secondly, although this one paces better, the action sequences aren't all that memorable (Ang Lee's Hulk had an amazing sequence when the Hulk breaks out of the army facility in the desert and goes rampant, running on canyon walls and throwing tanks). This one has nothing close to that. This one actually feels more like a video game. And I think they did take some of the ideas from that Hulk Ultimate Destruction video game. Also, the CGI Hulk this time, isn't really an improvement since the last one. The ending of this movie is a very videogame CGI fest. Overall, I did like this film. However, I did think it started well, but it loses that momentum as the film progresses.
3 out of 5

Running time: 114 min.
Budget: $150 million
Total US Gross: $134,533,885
International Gross: $127,363,875
Worldwide Gross: $261,897,760

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