Movie Review: The Fall

Tarsem's latest extravaganza, The Fall, is as expected, a visual masterpiece. However, like his previous film, The Cell (I wonder if his next movie is going to be The 'Something'), it is a tad short on substance. Despite its holes, it is accounts for only a minor shortcoming to it becoming a great film.
The main group of characters told in the story, reminded me of that Sean Connery movie, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which is probably not a great thing, but I let it pass since it worked with the telling of their story. And well, since the story is being told, then I obviously let some of the plot holes pass also, because it doesn't necessarily have to be completely coherent.
Anyways, what's great about the movie is the two main actors, a depressed suicidal man played by Lee Pace and the little girl played by Catinca Untaru. She was really good for a child actor. In the behind the scenes footage, I think Tarsem actually made her cry off screen, for her to cry on screen. "Oh...that director."
Anyways, in the end, this movie holds up strong because of its visual style. If you see it for any reason, that should be it. I wonder how much this movie cost to make, because it looks damn expensive for a movie that seems like it was an indie movie and only played in a few theaters. It didn't do well at the box office either, so that probably hurt. And I think it actually was finished in 2006 but didn't get distributed till 2008. So...yeah. Just some facts. Now, whatever you may have thought of The Cell, The Fall is definitely a step up.
3.5 out of 5

Running Time: 117 min
Total US Gross: $2,273,751
International Gross: $300,000
Worldwide Gross $2,573,751

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