Movie Review: Son of Rambow

If you were a boy and ever had fantasies of shooting things up and becoming someone like Rambo, then this is the movie for you. It tells the story of two boys growing up in this generation of being the next action star. It's kinda of a cross between Stand By Me and being a kid during the 80s.
The two kid actors of the film do a great job. I don't know how old they really are, but they make it a convincing film. I also am assuming that part of this has to do with great direction of the director. Because we all know kids are sometimes really hard to work with, especially if they haven't really acted before. And these two haven't been in a feature before making this film. So Yeah...
I liked this film. And even though there are parts that seem abrupt and a bit out of place, the overall experience is great.
3.5 out of 5

Running time: 96 min
Production Budget: $2,000,000
Box Office
US Gross: $1,785,505
International Gross: $8,787,578
Total Gross: $10,573,083

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