Movie Review: Part of the Weekend Never Dies

Soulwax's movie Part of the Week-end Never Dies, is a behind the scenes look at the Belgian band. Seeing this in a theater where the sound blasts as loud as being inside a club, you can wonder how this movie would sound like. To give an example as to how loud it was during the screening, there were parts of the movie where my ears started to shutter, as I probably should have used some earplugs.
As for the movie itself, it is rather enjoyable. The animated intro is great in itself, telling much about the Soulwax phenomena. However, there isn't really much in its story and plot, but one shouldn't be expecting much, because it is entertaining. And it is especially so if you are a Soulwax fan. Also, this movie is short and doesn't drag on too long. So that's always in good favor.
3 out of 5

Runtime 60 min.

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