Movie Review: Day Watch

Ok well, I wasn't really expecting much since I thought the first was only OK. So...Although I did think this one is a little better than Night Watch, there are parts of this movie that get a little confusing. And it is longer too. Maybe there is a language barrier or something, but some parts are a bit too ridiculous, whilst still trying to keep in the reality of the movie. Hence, the confusion. However, I don't think that is so.
On the plus side, Day Watch has pretty good effects for a reported $4.5 million budget. Apparently if they made that movie in the U.S. it would probably cost 20 times that amount. And it seems to make a lot more sense than the first one. If you can believe that.
Anyways, while Night Watch reams so much like Wanted, this one strays a little bit in a different direction, and stands better on it's own. However, I still am not quite there with the movie, and wish the plot was smoothed out more.
2.5 out of 5

Running time: 132 min.
Budget: $4,200,000
Box Office:
US Gross: $459,095
International Gross: $38,409,128
Total Gross: $38,868,223

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