Movie Review: TMNT

Don't laugh. I actually wanted to see this movie since I've seen the trailer over a year ago. And the result: it is actually pretty good. I mean well, you can't expect this to be a Pixar production, but it is enjoyable. If you liked the cartoon series then you will like this movie. It is targeted towards adolescent boys and I guess I haven't yet grown up, since I do like this film. Maybe I am just a kid at heart. Awe...Boohoo.
There are plot holes here and there, but you learn to let that go and enjoy the film. What I liked best was the animation. The shots were created in a very action-oriented film style. And it also captured the essence of cinematography, with flying camera moves and extreme close ups.
So with that said, TMNT is an enjoyable movie to watch.
3 out of 5

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