Movie Review: The Lookout

Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes a great acting statement with his portrayal of a miscalculated teen who suffers a form of brain damage after a high school accident. We've all come to know him as the young one on the TV show 3rd Rock From the Sun. Now, it seems that he is trying to let that part of him go, and move on to better and more serious acting chops. In The Lookout, he does exactly that. It is a good platform for him, and it shows that he has the potential to go on to a great film career.
Now as for the film itself. Well, I must admit I didn't know where it was headed during the first half hour. Something happens in the beginning, then there's a slow build to the direction the film is headed. And when it gets there, it doesn't really take off for me. Like the previous film I've reviewed, it's not a bad film, but it also doesn't blow anything out of the water here.
2.5 out of 5

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