Movie Review: Little Children

First off, Little Children isn't a family movie for kids, just because there is the word "children" in its title. It is pretty much the opposite; an adult drama where there happens to be children in it. This movie is based off of the book of the same name.
Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly, and Patrick Wilson star in this movie about married couples with children and infidelity, while there is a child predator on the loose in their neighborhood.
In the first few minutes of the movie you notice an interesting narration. What I mean by interesting is that I was caught a little off guard, not by the content in its narration, but by the sound. The narration sounds almost like a low budget documentary, that doesn't really seem fit for film. However, as the movie goes on you realize this plays more like book than a movie (oh right, this is from a book, so it makes sense now).
The movie does play a little slow at times, and there are scene s in which it takes the form of a comedy, even though this is a through and through a drama. Trust me, certain scenes stick out like it was a different note. The interesting thing that I took away from this film, is that all the main characters seem stuck in an adolescent phase, and never really wanting to let it go, even though they are adults. And some of their faults lead to even worse behavior. It's like "just grow up already." Anyways, Little Children is not necessarily my type of movie, but I did find it to be a pretty decent watch.
3 out of 5

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