Movie Review: The Golden Compass

I was quite wary going into The Golden Compass. With a budget of around $200 million, and grossing only $70 million in the US, that gives me reason to be wary. However, it did gross about $300 million overseas, so that gave me some relief. Since seeing the movie, I can attest that while it isn't as good as some other child fantasy movies, it's not a bad movie either. My problem with this film, is that there is nothing that really stands out. The look and the feel of the film are great, something that Narnia should attend to. And the visual effects are pretty good too, but I still think Transformers should have won the Oscar. Despite the looks and the effects, the plot and the story gets a little confusing and slow for a family type of movie. I guess if you have read the book it would have made more sense. But since I didn't, I found it confusing from the start. The Golden Compass certainly has the potential to become a great franchise, but if they intend to make the next one, the filmmakers have to make plot points that stand out and make sure it flows well. To add a PS to this: I don't understand what all the hub-hub about this being an anti-Christian movie. I didn't really notice it in the film.
2.5 out of 5

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