Movie Review: Wall-e

Pixar has done it again. Wall-e is a film that manages to encompass robots, science fiction, environmentalism and a love story. And it does it well. Pixar beautifully animates these robots to life, breathing much humanity into them. And they do so without much dialogue throughout the entire film. You may be taken aback by reading about the scarcity of dialogue. However, Pixar is here to tell a story, through the actions and the expressions of these creatures. It reminds me of the more traditional method of animation back when dialogue wasn't as much of an option.
This film is definitely a darker tone than other Pixar movies, in that there isn't an in-your-face comedic sidekick. It's humor comes from its ingenuity of actions these characters go through. Wall-e is great movie for grown-ups and a more sophisticating movie for kids. And, as I have come to realize, it's also a good date movie.
4 out of 5

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