Movie Review: Cloverfield

Cloverfield had perhaps the best use of viral marketing since, well, the Blair Witch Project (Yes, I am going to make comparisons between the two from here on out). It managed to keep everybody's interest since it's trailer debuted with the Transformers movie. The main item that kept everybody's interest was the fact that no one knew what was causing these Armageddon type of events. Asteroids? Aliens? Godzilla? The attack of the 50 foot woman? It kept everyone guessing, as it was shrouded in secrecy much like the missing kids in the Blair Witch Project.
J.J. Abrams of Lost and Alias fame, actually named it Cloverfield because that is the exit he takes off the freeway to get to work. So really, I guess you can't tell what it is by the title itself.
The movie documents the life of 20 somethings in Manhattan, yes, all with one hand held camera. So this makes for a magically nauseating experience. However, if you can stomach it, this technique brings to life the reality of being in downtown New York while this apocalyptic event is happening. What apocalyptic event you might ask? Well, you can pretty much guess what it is from the trailer. But I am not about to tell you.
Cloverfield stands as a fun romp ride. It feels like the creators of this film brought to life the ideas they had when they were kids and made an entertaining film. It gets straight to the point and doesn't build slowly like the Blair With Project did, to emphasize the docu-reality. It may come across as a little camp, and it probably already has a cult like following. Cloverfield is a unique film and any filmgoer that wants a good, entertaining time, should check this out. It's short, simple, and straight to the point.
3.5 out of 5

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