Sony has lost $3.3 Billion on the PS3

Yahoo! has reported that in Sony revealed a loss near $3.3 billion on this mega machine since it was first released. And you thought the $599 price tag was expensive when it first came out. It was actually being sold less than it cost to build the damn thing. That's what happens when you build an amazing piece of hardware that's way too expensive for the general public to afford. Actually, most video game companies price the hardware lower than it's manufacturing cost, because they are sure it will help sell more software and the cost of making these units will get a lot lower in the long run, thus resulting in profit. However, Sony recouping that $3.3 billion? We'll see about that. Too bad they don't have many exclusive titles anymore. Grand Theft Auto 4 would have been a major boost if it was an exclusive, like the previous GTAs. GTA4 made $500 million in it's first week alone. Despite having not as many exclusives as before, their game sales have been up 26% last quarter. With titles like Metal Gear Solid 4 hitting the shelves and Little Big Planet on the way they may soon start to recoup some of the loss.

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